Earlobe Fillers and the Wide Range of Uses for Juvéderm® for Patients in Virginia Beach

For about a decade now, men and women have seen the fast-acting results achieved by Juvéderm® in fighting facial sagging and contour changes. However, one of the more popular injectable fillers still has a few new tricks up its sleeve, and the knowledgeable staff at Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach is ready to help patients achieve the results they need with this increasingly dynamic procedure.

According to the Miami Herald, Juvéderm® can provide a quick and easy way to address a common problem as we age: earlobes can stretch and droop. Particularly for women and men who have pierced ears, this common process of aging can make it harder to comfortably wear earrings over time. But Juvéderm® provides a simple solution to firm up earlobes and make earrings fit just like they did when you first got them.

One patient, writing to the Herald, explained that she had a wedding to attend and wanted to wear the “beautiful stud earrings” her husband had recently purchased as a gift. Unfortunately, the earrings would not stay snugly in her piercings, as the holes had enlarged over time. A Juvéderm® treatment, however, can provide the desired results without the need for a “lobe lift.” In fact, the common issues known to affect earlobes—decreasing collagen that causes the lobes to sag—is a perfect fit for Juvéderm® . That’s because the thing that makes Juvéderm® injectable hyaluronic acid gel—effective for treating facial sagging also makes it a strong solution for earlobe sagging and piercing stretching. Juvéderm® injected into the earlobe—with the aid of a numbing gel to reduce any pain—in reasonable amounts can refill sagging features and restore a youthful look

“One of the problems you’re having is that you’ve lost volume in your earlobes,” the Herald’s writer responded to the woman seeking a solution that would allow her to wear her new earrings. “Because there is no tissue to support your earrings, they will rattle around in that hole. One of the procedures I do frequently for patients going to a major event is inject them with a filler.” He went on to say that hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm® are ideal “because of its more dense nature.”

The flexibility of Juvéderm® as a treatment is likely part of the reason that it remains one of the most popular procedures, even as cosmetic procedures on the whole are gaining popularity. In 2015, according to the most recent survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Juvéderm® was the second most popular injectable, year-over-year, behind BOTOX® and other neuromodulators. More than 2 million Americans elected to have a Juvéderm® treatment in 2015, a year in which more Americans had a cosmetic surgery than ever before, as part of a steadily rising trend throughout the country and places like Virginia Beach.

It should also be noted that Juvéderm® can be used in conjunction with other procedures to enhance the cosmetic effects. For example, new evidence has shown that BOTOX®—the most-popular injectable in 2015, and one also available to patients in Virginia Beach—can prolong the effectiveness and longevity of a Juvéderm® treatment. A recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that BOTOX can be complementary to other procedures.

“This study is exciting for a number of reasons,” a plastic surgeon said in relation to that study. “By using BOTOX® in conjunction with popular hyaluronic fillers, patients can enjoy their youthful results for much longer than with just fillers alone.”

Before a Juvéderm® injection, you will receive a topical local anesthetic cream. Juvéderm® is also formulated with a local anesthetic that will add to a comfortable treatment. The filler is injected deep beneath the skin’s surface to lift the soft tissue and improve wrinkles, lines, and folds. A trained professional is able to deliver the proper amount of filler to create a natural look. Post-treatment bruising and swelling tend to be minimal and can easily be covered with sunscreen and make-up.

For patients considering Juvéderm® treatments in Virginia Beach, the professionals at Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery can answer all of your questions and recommend the treatment course that will best help you achieve your ideal look. To find out if Juvéderm Voluma® XC is right for you, contact them at (757) 496-4801 to request a personalized consultation.


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