What Exactly is a Brazilian Butt Lift? Grand Rapids’ Dr. Ryan Mitchell Explains

Some people have everything they want—and more—on their backside, while others wish they could get a little help in creating something that may not break the Internet, but might at least bend it a little bit. Those hoping for some extra curves when seen from behind might consider buttock augmentation via implants or a Brazilian butt lift. Grand Rapids’ Dr. Ryan Mitchell often hears from patients who have heard the terms but don’t know exactly what they mean or what the difference is between the two procedures.

First of all, augmentation is simple to explain. It’s making something larger. A breast augmentation is the most common such surgery, but patients frequently seek to pump up the volume or add projection to everything from their calves to their chin.

Surgical augmentation is generally handled in one of two ways: via implants or fat transfer. Implants may be silicone shells filled with saline or more silicone (as with breast augmentation), or they may be made of another artificial or biologic material. A lot depends on the type of implant and where it’s to be inserted. Plastic surgeons who perform butt augmentation with implants tend to make use of silicone.

Dr. Mitchell does not use implants for buttock augmentation, but focuses solely on the Brazilian butt lift method, because he finds that silicone implants can rotate after implantation. These shifts in position can cause unwanted side effects for patients, including the creation of an asymmetrical look.

A Brazilian butt lift avoids implants, but allows a patient to gain volume in the desired area by reducing it somewhere else. This means removing fat from another location on the body via liposuction. Many of the areas typically targeted for fat reduction make good candidates for Brazilian butt lift donor sites, including the abdomen, thighs, and back. Specifics can be settled on after the doctor examines the possible sites for harvesting fat during a patient’s Brazilian butt lift consultation.

Once removed, the fat is processed and refined into a liquid form, after which it can be injected where desired. This is what sets a Brazilian butt lift apart from augmentation with implants. The technical name for this procedure is autologous fat transfer. Because the fat is the patient’s own, it’s more readily accepted by the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Rejection is far less likely, but there is also a chance that some of the fat transferred in a Brazilian butt lift will be absorbed.

Since a Brazilian butt lift doesn’t make use of pre-shaped implants, the process requires skilled attention from a surgeon with a proven eye for aesthetics. Dr. Mitchell must determine the best specific locations for fat injections during a Brazilian butt lift, and these locations will be different for each unique patient. Patients may find that a Brazilian butt lift involves the initial injection of more fat than needed to account for some future absorption.

Patients who choose butt augmentation may be doing so simply to get a larger, rounder derriere, or they may want to address sagging in their rear. Weight loss via diet and exercise may slim down a bulging belly or flabby arms, but it can also take volume away from where it’s wanted. The problem can be magnified if skin and other tissues don’t tighten on their own to compensate for the reduction in fat. On the buttocks, fat loss can lead to drooping. Re-introducing fat only where it’s wanted via a Brazilian butt lift is something like blowing up a balloon, which stretches the skin tight again and provides a firm, round look.

Dr. Ryan Mitchell performs a variety of procedures, including Brazilian butt lift, at Grand Rapids’ Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Michigan patients can learn more about Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, and the other surgeries and treatments available by visiting bengtsoncenter.com or calling (616) 588-8880.


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