Men Choose Rhinoplasty in San Francisco and Elsewhere

If you ask a man what he’d like to change about his appearance, you’re likely to hear something about his face, and specifically his nose. As an expert in rhinoplasty, San Francisco’s Dr. Stanley Jacobs often performs the surgery on men, and he’s noted that the procedure topped the list of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries for men in 2014.

Contrast that with women, who tend to choose breast augmentation, liposuction, and eyelid surgery in greater numbers. Though rhinoplasty still made it into the top five for the female-based statistics, it’s clearly more of a priority for the males of the United States.

There are several reasons a man may decide to get a rhinoplasty. The nose shaping procedure can accomplish one or more alterations, including straightening out a crooked line, changing the angle or size of the nostril openings, eliminating a hump, and more. It can also help to improve function by altering the nasal passageways to help patients breathe easier.

Triple board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs also recognizes that while rhinoplasty is the most popular, other facial procedures score high on the list, too. Blepharoplasty—better known as an eyelid lift—comes second to rhinoplasty in terms of frequently performed surgeries, and facelift lands two spots below that, making the majority of the top five male-chosen cosmetic procedures face-focused.

There are many reasons for this demographic trend, to be sure, but a contributing factor may be that men are increasingly recognizing two things:

First, facial aesthetics can certainly be a masculine endeavor, as caring for your appearance isn’t limited to women. But while women tend to want to erase years from their faces, men seem to want to get a refreshed look that still preserves some signs of aging, indicating experience in the world. A strand of gray hair or some thin wrinkles here and there convey authority, as only those who’ve been around the block a time or two will bear the marks of their time and effort. Men don’t want to look old, but want to appear distinguished.

Second, a specific facial cosmetic surgery, such as a rhinoplasty, can technically be performed as an isolated procedure, but everything is connected. A change to one aspect of the face can alter how another feature is perceived. Thus, a rhinoplasty is not merely about making a nose deemed too big smaller and being done with it. Similarly, a tightening procedure on the neck may have the greatest impact if other sagging regions are tightened as well. An experienced and talented plastic surgeon will take all of this into account when developing a plan during a consultation.

Dr. Stanley Jacobs takes great care to assess a patient’s face as a whole, whether he’s performing a rhinoplasty alone or is combining a facelift, blepharoplasty, and forehead lift for an overall rejuvenated look.

The other top cosmetic surgeries for men, coming in under rhinoplasty, are breast reduction (to counter the effects of gynecomastia) and liposuction. Considering that small amounts of fat are frequently removed via liposuction to help with contouring in facelifts and neck lifts, it’s clear that everything from the neck up takes precedence for men—especially considering that the sixth and seventh most popular procedures also concern this region.

Will rhinoplasty hang onto its place on the charts for men in years ahead? Only time will tell, though it seems better than likely that a general focus on faces will continue to drive the most commonly chosen male cosmetic surgeries in the future. Keeping that in mind, it’s reasonable to assume that there will always be a place for rhinoplasty on or near the top of the list.

To find out more about rhinoplasty in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other popular facial procedures frequently chosen by men, contact Dr. Stanley Jacobs, a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon, by calling (707) 473-0220 for his Healdsburg office or (415) 433-0303 for his San Francisco office. You can also send a message online.


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