Men turn to liposuction to get the bodies they want

Earlier this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released the findings from its annual study of cosmetic surgery procedures. The results showed that men made up about 13 percent of the total number of patients who chose to get one or more cosmetic surgeries in 2013.

Rhinoplasty—more commonly known as a nose job—topped the list of procedures that appealed to males, followed by blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction, breast reduction, and facelift.

While the study noted 57,391 rhinoplasty surgeries on men for the year, putting that procedure in the No. 1 spot, a closer look at the numbers reveals fat removal to actually be the most popular choice.

Liposuction, obviously a mechanical means of eliminating unwanted fat, was listed as being the procedure of choice for 23,558 men in 2013. That technically put it in the No. 3 spot. Breast reduction to address gynecomastia—enlarged breasts on men—came in at 22,939 procedures to sit at No. 4.

The main means of reducing the size of unwanted breasts is fat removal via liposuction, however. Combined, the two procedures—liposuction and breast reduction—totaled 46,497, which would bump them collectively up to second place.

Considering that facelifts and other lifts may also include liposuction, as can a tummy tuck, the grand total for procedures that involve surgical fat removal to some degree would appear to surpass even nose jobs in terms of prevalence according to the study.

Liposuction is such a common choice because it offers long-lasting results by physically and permanently removing fat cells from the body. Men who aim to change their appearance by eating well and exercising regularly may nonetheless find that they can’t get rid of all of the fat they’re trying to lose. Despite their best efforts, some accumulated fat cells can remain at their midsection, on their sides, on their thighs, and elsewhere.

Also, losing weight in the classical sense reduces the size, but not number of fat cells. If a man diets his way to a slimmer body, but then begins to regularly eat fatty foods again, the cells that had previously shrunk will expand again to a larger size, creating bulges in all the same places they were before.

Liposuction offers a means of finally getting rid of the stubborn fat. A trained and experienced doctor—such as Dr. A.H. Nezami in Jacksonville, Florida—will make small incisions in the area to be treated and insert a device known as a cannula to loosen unwanted fatty tissue and vacuum it out. These results will last as long as a man continues to eat well and maintain a healthy body.

As noted above, gynecomastia is also a reason men may choose liposuction. The development of breasts due to hormone fluctuations, which can be triggered by a variety of causes, can be embarrassing and frustrating to a man who desires a masculine chest. Breast reduction surgery in these cases won’t remove the glands involved, but liposuction can eliminate the fat that makes up the enlarged breasts.

Finally, while tummy tucks and face lifts involve tightening skin that has become loose or baggy over time, the procedures may also include the removal of some fat that would otherwise obscure the sleek contours hidden underneath. Double chins, for instance, can be reduced via liposuction so a man’s jaw line is more defined and prominent. Talk to a professional to determine exactly which methods are employed in a particular procedure at a particular practice.

Of course, liposuction is more than simply removing fat from wherever it isn’t wanted. Dr. Nezami notes that the best doctors will use their surgical tools to contour and sculpt the body, creating organic results that appear as natural as they are aesthetically pleasing. Because liposuction’s results are dramatic and ideally permanent, it’s important for the procedure to be done correctly and with an eye for detail.

At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, for instance, Dr. Nezami works to keep scarring to a minimum by making only a couple small incisions. He works with each patient as an individual to determine which type of liposuction—traditional, tumescent, or ultrasonic and laser—will work best on the region to be treated.

Learn more by calling (904) 399-5061 or visit Dr. Nezami’s website to set up a consultation or discover further information about liposuction and its benefits for men looking to make a change to their appearance.


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