Breast Augmentation

A woman may choose to get breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons: She may want to correct an asymmetry, make a change so that her clothes fit better, or simply enjoy the aesthetic benefits of increased breast size.

Any surgery requires the steady hand and keen eye of a professional, and a breast augmentation procedure is certainly no exception. In fact, choosing a licensed and trained plastic surgeon is critical to ensuring the best possible outcome when getting breast implants.

What Does Breast Augmentation Address?

Simply put, a breast augmentation surgery is intended to add volume to a woman’s breasts. This can help to address a number of issues, both functional and aesthetic. Breast implants can:

  • make breasts appear larger and fuller
  • bring balance to a chest with breasts of differing sizes and/or shapes
  • create a more proportional overall body silhouette
  • aid in the proper sizing and fitting of bras, shirts, tops, and dresses
  • restore prominence to breasts that have undergone volume loss due to medical conditions, traumatic injury, or prior surgeries

What Does a Breast Augmentation Involve?

There is no one way to perform a breast augmentation surgery. The size of the implants, the type of implants (saline or silicone), and the incision sites are just a few of the variables that can factor into the procedure.

The exact details also will depend on the patient’s health and the doctor’s professional training and personal experience and preference. In general, though, all breast augmentation surgeries involve:

1) the administration of some sort of anesthesia. Patients are unconscious for the duration of the breast implants’ insertion.

2) the creation of an incision through which the doctor will insert the breast implants. The incision may be around the areola line, under the breast, in the armpit, or even on the belly. All of these locations have been chosen to minimize the appearance of scars.

3) the insertion of the breast implants. Depending on the size and type of implants, they may be placed into a pocket directly beneath the breast tissue or tucked under the layer of muscle.

4) the closure of the incisions. Any entry points into the breast tissue and skin will be sutured shut or closed with adhesive to allow for recovery.

breast augmentation toronto image

Breast Implant

What Comes After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Immediately following a successful introduction of breast implants, the patient will be monitored for a short while. Women will experience swelling after their breast augmentation surgery, which is why the medical team will wrap the newly augmented breasts in gauze and fit their patients with a support bra or elastic bandage to keep pressure on the chest.

It may be necessary to continue to apply pressure to the breasts for up to a couple of weeks after the breast augmentation surgery. During this time, it is also important for patients to stick to any aftercare instructions provided by the doctor and staff. This includes any infection-fighting medicines prescribed, hygiene and other cleaning regimens outlined, and recuperation time assigned.

Breast augmentation patients will also be expected to participate in follow-up visits so the doctor and team can ensure that the implants are settling the way they should and the patient’s health continues to improve.

What Complements a Breast Augmentation?

While a breast augmentation increases the size of a woman’s breasts, it does not address drooping or sagging. These issues may be corrected by a breast lift, which does not alter the breasts’ volume, but instead raises the breasts to give them greater projection and perkiness.

A breast augmentation and breast lift can often be combined for women who would prefer to have both surgeries handled at the same time.

Making the Choice for Breast Augmentation

The first step in any breast augmentation procedure is connecting with a licensed plastic surgeon and opening honest lines of communication. It is vitally important for a woman to share her goals and vision for what she would like her chest to look like after her surgery. That way, she can partner with the doctor to select the ideal breast implants and enjoy the best results possible.


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